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Match + 4000 Reel

Product Code: 803401

RRP (inc vat): £49.99

The Match+ reel offers incredible value moving up to the next price point from our Match pro reel allowed us to pack in even more features and value as standard, including adding our well-proven PBS system only previously available on reels nearly twice the price.

The optimum 4000 size is the perfect reel for waggler or bomb/feeder situations on commercial venues packed with features but still great value!

Featuring Patented Precision Braking System 

This system allows the angler to have full measured control of the backwind without any possibilities of over-spin and tangles. PBS offers a complete smooth, tensioned backwind that can be adjusted to match the fishing situation.

Tensioned to suit the conditions, the PBS can be set so a running fish can take line under pressure yet stop as soon

as the fish does. A true innovation in reel design.

  • Supplied with both balanced double and single handle.
  • Black Matt finish, with distinctive Match+ Blue trim.
  • Gear ratio 5.2:1.
  • PBS system- Back wind without overrun for perfect control!
  • Balanced rotor for smoother winding Precise oscillation speed for perfect line lay
  • Black thickened bail arm wire-Tough and easy to use.
  • 9 ball bearings (7+2) For smoothness and longevity
  • 2- line clips -Allows you to mark & feeder fish two lengths
  • Advanced power front drag system that delivers sustained performance
  • Spare spool

Line Capacity: size 4000 = 0.16mm/250m, 0.20mm/200m, 0.24mm/165m

Product Codes

803401 / FXT Match+ Reel 4000

Match + 4000 Reel Product Images

Match + 4000
Match + 4000
Match + 4000
Match + 4000

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