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Big Daddy Pole Pots

Product Code: FAB-FPBG

Frenzee's Big Daddy range includes the only 400ml capacity feeding pot on the market. With its unique floating capability, age-old problems associated with shipping bait like overhanging trees in your target area are a thing of the past. The pot floats to wherever you want to deploy bait - no problem!

Pack of 3 pots in sizes 90ml, 250ml and 400ml.

  • Low pivot point for easy deployment of bait in target area
  • Splash proof lip prevents water from getting into the pot and losing bait when shipping out
  • Lightweight design polymer
  • Fits easily onto any existing cupping kit
  • UK Patent App. No. 0721014.9

Product Video


Big Daddy Pole Pots Product Images

Big Daddy Pole Pots

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