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Stretch Hollow Elastic

Product Code: HE**

Frenzee Stretch Hollow has over 700% stretch factor and is precision manufactured in small lots. Precise consistency is everything, ensuring soft, smooth running elastic giving maximum performance for longer periods. This gives unrivalled fish playing action and lunge absorbing qualities that mean less hook pulls and more fish in your net! No matter what the situation, there’s a Stretch for you!

Product Code | Description
HE12 | Hollow Elastic, Purple, Dia 1.2mm, Rating S3(3-5), L 3M.
HE15 | Hollow Elastic, Dark Green, Dia 1.5mm, Rating S5(5-8), L 3M.
HE18 | Hollow Elastic, Pink, Dia 1.8mm, Rating S7(6-10), L 3M.
HE21 | Hollow Elastic, Yellow, Dia 2.1mm, Rating S9(8-12), L 3M.
HE23 | Hollow Elastic, Blue, Dia 2.3mm, Rating S11(10-14), L 3M.
HE25 | Hollow Elastic, Green, Dia 2.5mm, Rating S13(12-16), L 3M.
HE28 | Hollow Elastic, Orange, Dia 2.8mm, Rating S16(14-18) L 3M.

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Stretch Hollow Product Images

Stretch Hollow
Stretch Hollow Chart

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