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Balsa Pellet Wagglers

Product Code: FPW*SSG-TP10

RRP (inc vat): £1.99

Unloaded Strong Balsa Construction, perfect slimline design to aid easier casting. Available in three sizes 3ssg 4ssg and 5ssg.

Superb wagglers and a must have float for today's commercial angler.

Product Code | Description

FPW3SSG-TP10 3SSG | Pellet Waggler trade pack of 10
FPW4SSG-TP10 4SSG | Pellet Waggler trade pack of 10
FPW5SSG-TP10 5SSG | Pellet Waggler trade pack of 10

Balsa Pellet Wagglers Product Images

Balsa Pellet Wagglers
Balsa Pellet Wagglers 3SSG
Balsa Pellet Wagglers 4SSG
Balsa Pellet Wagglers 5SSG

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