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1 Metre Silicone Tubing Packs

Product Code: SIL-PACK-**

The same great quality silicone as our Float Rubber packs in single sizes. A huge 1 metre in length, perfect for topping up your Frenzee dispenser or when you know you need a lot of a certain size. Same great quality un-dyed soft silicone.

Available in sizes: 0.5 mm | 0.6 mm | 0.7 mm | 0.8 mm | 1.0 mm | 1.2 mm

Product Code | Description
SIL-PACK-05 | Silicone Tube 1M Pack 0.5
SIL-PACK-06 | Silicone Tube 1M Pack 0.6
SIL-PACK-07 | Silicone Tube 1M Pack 0.7
SIL-PACK-08 | Silicone Tube 1M Pack 0.8
SIL-PACK-10 | Silicone Tube 1m Pack 1.0
SIL-PACK-12 | Silicone Tube 1M Pack 1.2

Silicone Tubes 1m Product Images

Silicone Tubes 1m

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