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Jon Whincup's Blog

From April 2017 we will be following Jon on a monthly basis. After winning two of the big competitions in 2016, the Maver Match This and Parkdean Masters, its only fitting for us here at Frenzee to report on his matches and big competitions that he participates in. We will be working on Video Supplments as well as written blogs and articles. Keep checking this section of the website for regular updates.

What better way to start this off with a blog of how Jon won the first qualifier for the Golden Reel Competition.

Jon Whincup reports on his week on the Preston Festival down at White Acres in Cornwall.


The first of the White Acres festivals started in April, and up first was our own Frenzee Festival, this was followed by the Dynamite Baits festival, here is a report of how it all went.


Last round of the drennan decoy winter league at wkend and it turned out to be a very tense affair. Going into this match if I can manage to win my section I couldn't be beat for the league, easier said than done.


December blog: Never went fishing due to the rubbish weather and Christmas with the family.....The end.

January blog: The first match of 2018 was a winning one. I've been on a decoy open match and drew one of my favourite pegs on willows, peg 29. After a slow start on the bomb and pop ups to the reeds, 1 fish, I thought i'd have a chuck with the waggler.


Match one: I often have a little joke with people about where I'm going to draw and every now and then it works, like last year I called peg 9 on elm in this match and I only went and drew it and won the match.


I actually look forward to the winter months as it usually sees me make a return to my local Decoy lakes and my first visit was a mini 2 Day Festival on the beastie lake.


Day one: This Festival is slightly different to all the others in the fact that it's not all about the top 10, it's all about being in the top 24 and qualifying for the Parkdean Masters on the Saturday, a match I was lucky enough to win last year.


Day one: As usual the excitement was starting to build for the first Day of the festival, with all 180 anglers praying for a Good start. I was off to Pollawyn (match lake) peg 25 on the famous high bank, and I must admit I really fancied it.


Most of August I spent practising for the Golden Reel final, a match I had qualified for really early on in the year, so by the time it came round I was raring to go.


The month started with my first ever UK champs, an event I had always wanted to fish but never got round to doing it. The first round was at Lindholme, a venue I don't fish a lot but I had just fished a Maver Match This qualifier on it so I sort of knew what to expect.


Jon reports on his 2nd week at White Acres on the Guru Festival, a tale of mixed fortunes.


This was the first of 2 festivals I was competing in at my favourite place in the world, White Acres, here's a rundown of how it went.


We met up with Jon before he headed off down to White Acres to find out how he goes about prepping for the festivals. Jon talks about the tackle he uses, bait limits, dealing with the draws and good and bad pegs, a great insight into Festival Prep.


Since qualifying for the Golden Reel on the very first qualifier at decoy lakes, I was raring to get started on the maver match this qualifiers, an event i was lucky enough to win last year.


After last years stellar year the big match qualifiers were soon up and running again, and the first one was a brand new competition run by Phil Briscoe called the golden reel, and as luck would have it the first one was at my local decoy lakes.



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