Viaduct Winter League Rd 2

A bit late in the draw bag for this round as a little preoccupied with the rugby. Was left with peg 102 on Carys. A nice peg with a bit of room to play with.

I decided to go on an all-out pole approach fishing 3 lines. One line at 6mtrs and two at 14mtrs. The plan was to fish one of the long lines over groundbait and the other with casters. The rigs for this were simple. For the 6mtr line, the set up was a 0.2g FO4 float with a strung-out shotting pattern. For the 14mtr lines, two rigs were set up. A 0.3g FO4 at dead depth and a 0.5g FO5 fished with a double bulk. I find the double bulk rig works well on this fishery as you end up with less foul hooked fish.

So the all-in and an Initial feed was 3 pot of ground bait with a mix of casters and dead pinkies on one line and a pot of neat casters on the other long line. First hour was spent on the 6mtr line. Not sure why but this line never took off and after an hour I had around 1lb of bits. This seemed to be the same for everyone on the lake.

For the next couple of hours, I have alternated between both long lines catching hand size skimmers until a run of carp over the caster line killed the action.

For the next couple of hours, I decided to just concentrate on the groundbait line and change the feed pattern. On every drop in a small nugget of groundbait was introduced and also I added pinkies to the mix to see if this could spur a few bites. This transformed the peg resulting in a better stamp of skimmers and the bites weren’t instant, but when you had one it was a better stamp fish, so worth the wait. The last hour of the match has been unreal and I must have put 10lb in the net in between a couple of carp which gave me some swimming lessons.

On the all out it was between myself and the peg next door for the section. Thankfully my net of 33lb 15oz was enough to win the section but the added bonus was I also found out in the carpark that this had won the match which means I qualify for the all silvers final next weekend.

Best rig on the day was the 0.5g FO5 fished with a double bulk. This was fished 6inches over depth and all bites resulted in a gentle lift bite.

After two rounds of the league, I’m sat in a great position with two section wins. Hopefully, the draw gods will stay on my side and I can end up with a top-five finish!!