Sunday 21st June 2015 – Andy reports from Viaduct

Sunday saw the last round of the popular spring league series on Viaduct. Giles Cochrane was leading this with 4 points followed by Trigg (Craig Edmunds) also on 4 points – Giles was miles in front with a staggering weight count of nearly 1000lbs.. (that’s 4 matches remember)

Anyhoo my league hopes were all but over but as I was still in the knockout I was damn sure I was going to try and win something.

At the draw peg 66 on lodge stuck to the mit.. 66 is a great draw, a corner and a famous one but a peg I’d never sat on before.. it didn’t take me long to get my gear out of the van. That’s for sure..

At the peg you have a load of features with pallets and overhanging trees that are home to loads of fish. It can be a bit of a lion’s den though so I intended to work my way in and stay as far as I could away from the den as long as my day would let me.. hopefully I could catch a few away from all the nasty looking branches. Gear is a must on this peg as you need to be getting fish out. If you do have to venture into no man’s land then you need to be up to it..

I’m not one for arsing around as you probably guess so this wasn’t an issue. Meat hooks and rope all the way.

Giles had drawn on Cambel lake and trig in my section on 70. 70 is open water and a great skimmer area but doesn’t quite have the carp form that the corners do. he feared the worse we couldn’t really argue against that. As the league was on points it was all about today for them and the all-important dropper point. Some of the chasing pack had drawn well but couldn’t catch the two leaders. It was going to make for a great last day. Last year was no different as it all came down to the last round. Great fishing.

My day started slowly and 3 hours in I had just 3 very small carp to show for my efforts. I hadn’t gone into the den yet as I was trying to spend a bit of time working out how to catch them. often if you get it right you can catch really well in risky areas but if even slightly wrong and you could foul hook fish and get all snarled up in tree trunks. This doesn’t do you or your kit any good at all. I was keen to keep an eye on what was happening further up the lake though as if I was falling behind id have to start pushing it a bit more.. as it happened although there were plenty of skimmers being caught only the odd carp was appearing.

I’d been big potting maggots caster and F1 GB down the edge and noticed a puff of mud. Id fed this in the shallowest part of the lake I could find right up against the bank. It was still 2 feet though.. I bludgeoned 2 big worms on the hook and lowered it in. The rigs were simple, FP800 floats with .21 lines and size 14 prototype hook. It wasn’t long before I was attached to a creature that was soon followed by 2 more. this looked promising but soon faded. I didn’t want to clatter this line too early so I refed and left it alone whilst going down under the tree for a look. A cube of N-Tice was soon nailed and I was playing another. A bit of a game of tug of war but I wasn’t giving in and another carp graced the net. Although by no means fast I was getting an odd fish down there all the while keeping an eye on my shorter margin lines. With 2 hours to go and maybe 8 carp in the net I gave in and prepared for battle. I lowered the rig in hoping to see it fly under as if it did chances were it would be game on for a great end to the match.

My frenzee Orange elastic soon poured from the tip and a carp steamed off.. a great sign.

In essence the rest of my match was quite simple as I continued to shovel bait in and catch well against the bank. I’d lost count by the end of the match as to what I had which is risky with net limits. I thought the fish I netted on the whistle may have taken me over in one net.

The scales arrived and my first net went 69lb. this was the early fish and smaller than average.. there was roughly 10 in this net. On to the 2nd and 72lb.. oops 2lb deducted on that one.. ( I really hate being over in nets.. really, really hate it). on to my last and this was the one I feared was over.. 75lb in this one.. grrr.. I added another 9lb of accidental silverfish to end with a total of 218lb after knockbacks.. a lovely days fishing.

This was only good enough for 2nd though as Chris Davies had an impressive 250lb odd from 135 on Cambel. This was AFTER.. he had 80lb deducted for being too far over in a net.. he woulf have weighed 330lb.. amazing!

Back to the all-important last days events and poor old trig was looking glum as he had to settle for 5th in section. He’s fished well and if there was anything he could have done to better that I’m sure he would have. Expected really.

It was over to Giles and Cambel lake.. where had he finished? We all assumed because of the way he had been fishing that he would have done well and definitely bettered 5th but to our amazement came 6th after a frustrating day. It seemed as those without any cover near them were going to struggle as the carp were in a funny spawning moody strange attitude sort of day.

Trig wins by 1 point on the dropper.. well done to him, commiserations to Giles who in fairness fished a great league. Tucks sneaked in 3rd overall after Des did a job for him in the last round (jammy sod)

And…. I WON THE KNOCKOUT… yeah! Some burger tokens for the way home! Mint!

Massive thanks to Steve and Stu.. same time next year?