Spring League Round 3 – Alders Farm

It was back to alders farm for the 3rd round of the spring league having missed round 2 being away at White Acres on the Frenzee festival. I won’t go into too much detail about round 2 as the team had a bit of a disaster. Didn’t have a very good draw and had to use 2 fill-ins.

The team came 5th on the day giving up 14 points to the next team(Preston Black Horse). I drew for the team again and another poor to mediocre draw put us up against it. I decided to take one for the team and have the worse peg out of the 4, 17 on the match lake. Pegs 10,12, and 17 are usually in the bottom 3 of the section so I wasn’t expecting much.

So started the match short on maggots for 15 minutes without a bite. I had 2 pellet lines out at 13 and 14 metres which I swapped between for an hour before I had my first fish, a carp of about 2lb. Messed around with these 2 lines for a further 90 minutes and only managed 2 more carp and 1 skimmer.

The lake seemed to be fishing very hard except for the usual flyers and all of my section looked like they were struggling. So I decided to set up another line at 14m to my left and ping casters over a small initial feed of maggots. With 2 hours left I thought I’d have a little go on the method while the caster pole line settled.

Shock, horror the tip went round the first chuck and 30 minutes later 4 carp were added to my total. With 90 minutes left it was do or die on the pole line and a few fish were now being caught in my section. The first drop in I foul hooked a carp. Next drop in I hooked one on the drop of about 4lb. This looked promising. I kept pinging casters as this was easier than maggots in the stiff breeze. The peg just kept getting stronger and stronger with small 2 to 3lb carp and I didn’t want the match to end. I managed to catch 15 carp on this line till the end and was quite chuffed.

Well, I put 46lb on the scales getting beat to third in section by 57lb and 47lb. Must say I was more than happy with this because I wasn’t expecting much from the peg but as they say “you never know”.

The rest of the team had a mixed day: 2nd, me 3rd, 5th, and 7th, to come 3rd overall on the day from as I say not too good a draw. Must say a big well done to Black Horse who put in a great result coming first on the day with 38 points out of 40. They now lead the league with us in 2nd so I will have to pull my finger out next time especially in the draw bag.