Spring League Alders Farm Round 4

The last two weekends have been spent at Alders farm on the spring league Round 4. I drew again for the team and again not a particularly good one. Nick Dean and Steve Waters went up on Pines lake, Roger Young and I down on the match lake. I probably had the best peg of the 4 which was peg 6 on ash lake, a good peg but should get smashed by 3 out and out flyers.

As you may recall the bank holiday was lovely and hot so there was a lot of fish on the surface. I decided to set a waggler rod up for the first time this year and 4 pole rigs for fishing maggots short and long.

To cut a long story short I started on the waggler and only had to come off it in the last 45 minutes as it was fish soup. I used about a pint of 6mm pellets with a 6mm hair rigged to size 16 hook. Carp between 2 and 3lb graced the net to weigh 139lb. Lovely days fishing.

This put me third in the section behind 2 of the flyer pegs which weighed in over 200lb each. The lake fished really well, 72lb was the lowest weight in my section,79lb in the other. Roger did really well catching 106lb off reportedly the worst peg on the lake which only got him 5th in section! The other 2 lads on pines lake had a bit of a mare, beating 1 or 2 anglers only. They were stuck together at the bottom end of the lake with all the weights coming from the top end.

So we came a lowly 7th on the day, virtually handing the league to Preston who won it easily again. With 2 rounds left it’s all we can do to try and hang on to a second place I think.

Note to self!!! Let someone else draw next round.