Rich on the Maver Match This trail

Today’s been my first Maver Match This Qualifier of 2019. Venue for the day has been Barston Lakes and with 97 booked on it was going to be a hard day for most.

The draw gods have been on my side as peg 120 has stuck to the hand. Set up was also easy. 2 x 10 ft FXT feeder rods. One with a small 20g accu-cast method feeder and the other with a straight lead, a 12ft power FXT feeder with a 45g accu-cast method feeder and an FTX 11.6ft pellet waggler with a 3.5g float.

The plan of attack was simple. The first half of the match to fish long on the method while building up my pellet line. The second half to drop onto the short line and alternate between the feeder and pellet waggler.

The first half of the match has not gone to plan. On my second cast, I have lost a big carp. Unfortunately, it ended up tethered to what turned out to be some very thick line. I’ve hooked this line again 3 more times in the first hour which cost me another fish. So, as a result, it forced me to drop short earlier than planned.

For the next 3hours, I’ve alternated between the feeder and the waggler. It’s been frustrating as there were fish in the peg, but they didn’t want to play ball. All around anglers we’re experiencing the same issue as the fish were coming to the loose feed, but not wanting to feed. I have managed 2 carp. One on the feeder and one on the waggler, but both were on the small side.

The last hour has been my saving grace. I’ve decided to bin the feeder and just concentrate on the float. This is a method I love. The method keeps you active and as a result of this, it keeps me focused. I’ve managed to put 4 carp in the net and also lost another fish to the line in the peg. All the bites came instantly on the drop and they were big carp. My last 3 weighed 44lb and one of them was just touching the 20lb mark. I found the best way to get a response was to feed the line twice and then cast over the top. If you didn’t get a bite instantly you needed to reel in and repeat the process.

On the all out I have ended the day with 63.04lb which put me 6th overall. Unfortunately, I missed out on my section by 12oz. I feel if I had landed everything today I would have ended 3rd on the day. Peg 124 has won the match today and looking at the overall results I’ve been in the right area on the lake as some sections were won with 20lb.

Looking back I’ve made a few schoolboy errors today which will be rectified on my next outing to Barston. Firstly, I should have put my box into the water as the bankside vegetation is too overgrown making playing fish extremely hard. Secondly, I should have taken a bit more time casting around my peg before the start of the match as anglers both sides found the gravel bar which resulted in a few extra fish in the early part of the match.

Time to get home and book onto the Golden Reel on the 20th July. Can’t wait to get back up here.