Orchard Lakes League Round 7

Sunday was the 7th round of the league at Orchard Lakes, and my draw has put me on peg 22, which is on the straight, so not too disappointed with this as you can normally get a few bites here.

The plan of attack was to fish 3 lines, a top kit line fishing pellet, next up was a top kit and 4 sections fishing shallow again with pellet and my final line was a long line if the going was hard.

The start of the match and it was the top kit plus one to start with and a small barbel on my first put it, this followed by a little run of carp for th e first 20 minutes before that died. After priming my shallow line, it was time for a quick look here, it was not solid but steady, so by alternating these two lines I kept fishing coming throughout the match.

It was a steady day to be honest, and I knew it would be a low weight affair. At the end of the match my fished weighed 82lb 6oz which surprisingly put me 3rd in the match and the all important section win.

The rigs for today was my favourite FO4 pattern in a 0,4g for the short line using frenzee loaded mono and the blue elastic which is a 10-14 rating, nice and soft but powers up when you need to get them netted. The other rig was a FO1m float in a 0.2g, these floats are strong and great for fishing shallow.

Tight Lines