Lindholme Lakes – Individual National Final

36 Anglers attended this year’s Individual National on the 20th July 2016, looking to be crowned Prison Service Champion.

Now normally blogs are filled with how good the Angler was and how good the fishing was and what a great day was had. Well here’s my take on my day.

Now I have never drawn a high numbered peg in this event, In fact I’ve never drawn above 18 so Imagine my delight when peg 72 stuck to my hand at the draw. For those unfamiliar with Lindholme lakes, this peg is at the top of the arm with a very inviting island directly in front with some open water to the right in between 2 islands.

A quick chat with Nick Speed at the draw meant I went to the peg feeling hopeful.

A 15gm method feeder was threaded to my FXT 9ft rod and a duplicate of the same rod was used with a straight lead approach. I was banking on this method to the island being my main attack.

Lindholme normally fishes really well and excess of 100lb is normally needed to frame let alone win a match. However our match followed the hottest two days of the year and the fish could not be less interested in feeding. A quick fish first chuck on the method got me excited but after a dry hour I was beginning to panic. To be honest I panicked too much and began changing tactics and baits for fun trying to make something happen. Nothing Did.

Throughout the match I swapped between pole short/Long, on the deck and shallow trying to force the peg and find that winning method.

Swapping lines and baits was probably the worst thing I could have done and with hindsight I should have stayed shallow as that’s were fish seemed to be sat, testament to this was the number of line bites I was getting whilst fishing the tip.

A totally frustrating day all in all and the final whistle could not come soon enough for me, the lake had fished hard anyway and most people had struggles for a few fish.

At the weight in I had managed a disappointing 30lb, one of the worst weights I have recorded in this event.

Fair play to Charlie Styles who had drawn peg 2 and fished a great match to record 74lb and become prison Service National Champion for 2016

Roll on next year for another crack at this one and hopefully some better tactics employed.