Guru Festival – Fran Oreilly

Day 1: Treewaters Peg 35: I fancied this peg for a few fish due to the room you have around you. I have kept it nice and simple today and set up a 5m line and 13m line with 6mm pellets and feeding the same. I also had a margin line, top 4 to my right and 13m left and right.

It turned out to be a strange day as I could not get a bit on the short line or the tip. My long pole line has been the banker today with me catching a few carp but not setting the world alight just the odd fish. So my margin lines where I had fed corn turned out to be my banker today. I finished the match with 86lb and it was very tight to win this section with 83lb finishing 2nd, so a great start.

Day 2: Porth Peg 20: This is a lake I always dread at White acres, as in all honesty, it is not something I am good at, as I can be a little lazy as I normally just hope to catch on the rod. However, today I took my pole and my plan was to just get my head down and fish for roach with maggots at 6 and 7 sections of pole.

This was a very good move, as I have just kept on this line all match putting 125 roach in the net to give me a weight of 15lb and a section win. I was over the moon to win this section as its not something I have done at Porth before and really enjoyed the day, so something I need to think of when approaching this lake in the future.

Day 3: Bolingey Peg 25: This was not the greatest of draws, to be honest, and with Paul Holland sat on peg 29, I knew I was up against it. Today I have set up a 6m and 14.5m line with 6mm pellets and feeding the same, a margin rig on my top kit fishing and feeding corn.

It has been a really slow start and I could not get a bite on the short line, so I had to go long and managed a few carp, but just could not put a run of fish together, which was so frustrating. The last two hours, I have concentrated on my margin and short line and picked up the odd fish and managed a good 20 minutes spell short. This gave me a weight of 126lb for 2nd in the section to the peg Paul was on, who put a huge weight together to take out the section.

Day 4: Match Lake Peg 9: Again another bad draw for me, but every day is different so you just need to approach your peg with the view to winning it. On this peg, I set up a short meat line at 4m and a 14.5m line feeding 4mm pellets and fishing a 6mm on the hook. Again, margin rigs were set up fishing corn to the rushes.

I have had a great start having 2 fish long for about 20lb, and then I have spent most of my time chasing them up and down and to the reeds catching around 30lb for the next 3 hours. Going into the last hour I have fished meat short and it has been solid, I have put 40lb in the net short with big carp, barbel and big skimmers. This gave me a total weight on 93lb and a section win and 3rd on the lake overall, great result.

Day 5: Trelawney Peg 25: Not the best of draws again, but I have gone to my peg feeling positive and my plan was to catch carassios and small f1s. I have set up 2 rigs, one at 5m for f1s and 1 for carp and a 13m line together with some shallow rigs.

After 2 hours fishing for f1s, I have probably had 15 and was miles behind everyone in my section and my head was starting to go a little bit as I really did not know what to do for the best. So, I just got my head down and sat on my short 5m line fishing meat until the end of the match and caught steady putting carp, f1s and skimmers in the net, great decision. This has given me a total weight of 95lb and 3rd in the section.

Now, it was seeing how the others had faired, my total points tally of 35 and dropping a 7 gave me 3rd overall, the best achievement to date at White Acres, so I was over the moon. Phil was 1st and Whinny 2nd so a great result for the Frenzee lads. I cannot wait until October now for the Preston and a chance to get into the Parkdean Final.