Frenzee Weekend at Weston Pools

This weekend has been our annual Frenzee weekend at the lovely western pools at Oswestry and what a laugh it’s been with good company.

Day 1

Friday was all about the kids, we were all fishing on the weir pool. It was a good day giving a little coaching to the young ones, the smiles on their faces when some of them caught their first fish, priceless! They also had a little match between themselves which they all caught a few fish, which was nice to see them have a little competitive side to them as well.

Day 2

Saturday was then Frenzee open match across 5 of the lakes, at the draw my golden hand drew peg 2 on Stretton lake which was an end peg but at the side of an active aerator which created a lot of tow in the water. As I could reach the far bank with 14.5m Chris jones told me to concentrate on either the far bank or down the edge.

Pointless fishing down the track, I would have needed a stick float! Not my cup of tea that! Conditions were not brilliant with plenty of rain but in the first 2 and half hours I’ve fished shallow with 6mm pellets. My rig was a Frenzee 0.3g FD200 with 0.18/0.14 precision loaded mono to a size 18 precision 1420 eyed hook with a hair rigged pellet band. My elastic choice was our 10/14 blue stretch hollow as I was fishing up against thick reeds and this is substantial for some back bone to get the fish out of the reeds.

Last half of the match I struggled a little bit. I ended up weighing 120lbs of f1s and carp for 3rd in the match happy days! There was a lovely hog roast and more than enough choice of other offerings of food for the anglers at the presentation to top the day off!

Day 3

Sunday was a little Frenzee derby teams of four match between the sponsored anglers and our Dutch friends. It was GAME ON! This match was held on the clay pit lake which used to be at one time… you guessed it, a clay pit funnily enough. This lake is very deep and very clear.

My golden hand came up trumps again, peg 1 which is a peg with form as our lad Barry Zimmerman had had won the lake on the previous day with 93lb. As there are plenty of f1s in this lake I targeted these first straight out in front of me at 5m, which was around 5ft deep. On this line, my float choice was a 0.5g Frenzee FP200 float my line was 0.16/0.12 precision loaded mono to a Frenzee 0814 eyed hook, a finer wired hook perfect for f1s and small carp.

Also, had a bit of a Mr Crabtree peg to my right beautiful margin which was about 18″ in depth an ideal depth for a margin, so there is a little bit of a no brainier on what to feed. I’ve fed a method mix based groundbait which I find is the one for margins and dead red maggots.

I’ve caught well in the last hour on this line tried different baits but I found that a 10mm red marukyu JPZ. I always fish Frenzee FP800 floats down margins as I find these are a very robust float don’t mess about with line choice either which was 0.20/0.18 with a size 14 Frenzee 1624 hook.

Everyone had a decent days fishing but our team (the young ones +one) which was myself, Chris jones, Danny Maxwell and the one and only Jof Rogers!! had enough weight to win the teams of four and have bragging rights!

Well done lads! But all in all, must say a great weekend away and great company fishing a beautiful well-kept fishery!! get yourselves down next year people.

Tight lines on the bank

Danny Myers