Fran makes the frame at Barston

It was a double header weekend with Saturday on the Larford Feeder Championship and Sunday at Barston for the last round of the Matric Commercial Champs ran by Wayne Sharman.

So onto Saturday at Larford, and it was nice to have the pole kept in the bag with this being a feeder only match. A good draw was needed in order to qualify for the final and luck was on my side today, as I managed to draw at the right end of the wind in peg 6 on the Specimen Lake.

I really fancied for a few fish with that wind. I have set up 2 rods, a bomb rod and method rod, nice and simple. Bait was also nice and simple today just pellets, so micros on my method and an 8mm pellet on the hook, and just 8mm pellets for the bomb line.

I had a slow start, but finally, a few carp turned up on the method line and in the early stages I put a few fish together. The aim here is to fish a method while building up your bomb line with pellets. I spent the majority of the match on the method but did manage some fish on the bomb although only a few with it being so deep at this end of the lake. I had the pleasure of Mark Hawthorne on the next peg, and we shared plenty of banter between us and also had a nice little peg to peg battle.

Come the all in my fish have weighed 112lb, however, I miscalculated my nets and got knocked back to 102lb, although to my luck it never cost me and I managed to win the match and book a place in the final, awesome.

Then Sunday it was onto Barston and the last round of the Matrix champs and excellent league very well ran by Wayne Sharman. The man deserves a lot of credit for this as these leagues take plenty of your time up to run.

Luck deserted me today, however, as I pulled out peg 32 and awful draw to be fair. Today I have opted for a long method and short method, both again with pellets, micros and a banded 8mm pellet for my hook bait.

Not to go into the boring parts of the match, all I could muster was 5 skimmers and a solitary carp and f1, which gave me a grand total of 15lb, however, this put me 3rd in the section so it was a very off day for Barston standards.

The points were valuable though, as it gave me a 10th overall finish in the league and pick up of £100 so not all doom and gloom.

Tight lines