Double header at Long Lake and Orchard

A nice two days fishing with a trip to Chichester on Sunday and then a visit to my usual place Orchard Lakes on Monday. Long Lake is a fantastic venue, stuffed full of carp, bream and tench and a place I have not fished much at all so was looking forward to it.

This time of year and it all seems to be pellet fishing, and that was my plan today. I pulled out peg 28 and was very happy with the draw. At the peg and my plan was to fish a line at 5m and one at 14m both with, you guessed it pellet. It only took me 5 minutes to get into my first fish and lovely carp and followed by another and another, but after 30 minutes they backed off, so I went out to my long line at 14m.

My first put in on this line and a bream around the 5lb mark literally jumped right over my pole, that could have caused some damage and a tale for the bank trying to explain how a flying bream broke my pole, phew. Anyway onto the fishing and it was a steady one, first two fish were bream for just under 10lb, so a lovely stamp fish, then the carp moved in and I caught pretty steady here right until the end of the match, not bagging, but steady away.

Come the all-in and 138lb graced the scales, so a lovely days fishing, this put me 4th in the match overall. My rigs today were both identical, a FO4 0.4g to 0.20 loaded mono and a 0.18 hook length with a size 14 hook.

Monday and it was onto Orchard Lakes for the open match, knowing these pegs very well now pulling out peg 18 and the win would be a big ask.

Lines today were not to dissimilar to the previous day, a short line and a 14m line fishing pellets again. I started long, however, today over to the island and to entice bites it was a case of lifting and dropping the rig with a pellet on the hook. Not a great start, pretty slow to be honest with a 4lb carp being my first fish after what seemed an eternity. It was quite difficult to put a run together here, so I was hoping that when I came short it would not be a late rush of fish. I much prefer putting a few fish in the net in the early stages as that settles you down for later when they seem to switch on to feed.

It turned out the short line was much better but not a match-winning line today, putting a few fish together to finally end up with 72lb, and guess what, 4th again. So two days, and two 4ths.

Rigs today were again the FO4 in 0.4g but to 0.18 mainline and a 0.16 hook length to a size 16 hook.