Danny Myers on his final winter league campaign

It was getting towards the end of the winter league and it was tight at the top so points were crucial. We were going to be fishing at Springvale lakes on Saturday So I had a sneaky little practice on the open match the wed before as you do! Hehe!

Springvale is a lovely venue and its renowned for catching big weights of ide, it was a little bit windy that day but for certain pegs So I was going to see where I drew first before I planned the way I was approaching this lake.
I’ve drawn an end peg (good start), with the wind blowing over my shoulder perfect!!  The Plan was to catch big ide for as long as possible then try for carp late on to the spare peg. My set up was a caster line at 6m and I had two rigs set up, one for shallow and one strung out rig on the deck, the Shallow rig was 0.16/0.12 precision loaded mono, a 0.1grm FO1M float (beautiful little float these)! and my hook was a size 18 eyed 0814 hook with a red micro band to band the caster.
Same applies to the strung-out deck rig but this was a 0.3grm FO3 float as I didnt need a heavy float as it was only 4ft deep and just a slight ripple on the water. Both of my kits were our pink 6/10 stretch hollow elastic. My margin rig was obviously made slightly beefier 0.18/0.14 loaded mono and a size 16 1624. as because I was fishing bigger baits like double and single corn my float was a 0.2grm FO2 different shaped body for a bit of stability, and because this line was only in 18inches deep wanted the fish to swim straight out of the swim after hooking them so nothing too heavy in this kit a (yellow) 8/12 stretch hollow elastic was superb!
As it turned out it was a brilliant days fishing, the ide was a little cagey at times but just had to keep finding them after they kept backing off both up and down in the water and also ended up slightly further out. But right on queue, the ide totally disappeared which was strange. I had already primed my margin line with some micros so it was time to go on this in the last hour and I’ve had 12 carp in this time, not munters but nice stamp with the biggest being about 7lb.
Ended up winning the match with 161lb,114lb of that was ide absolutely brilliant venue and days fishing and to add on the actual league match drew a different lake but same rule applied and won my section with 122lb 97lb of ide, great set up gets the results.