Chris Jones Weston Double Header

Back to Weston Pools the weekend and Saturday was the Rover and Sunday the normal open match.

With 30 odd anglers booked on Belvedere and the Clay Pit I was hoping for an early draw, nope! 22nd pick for me so it was a case of pick somewhere with some room. With that I decided to go on peg 19 on the Clay Pit.

I started the match on my short pole line for 2 f1s and about 10 stockies in the first 30 minutes, and the whole lake was fishing slow. I then decided to go shallow and caught well for 20 minutes before it died and I came back short and nicked another couple of fish, then went down the edge and caught a couple of quick fish then that died, this seamed to be the pattern of the day, catch a few before it died and rotate lines.

For the rest of the match I alternated between shallow and down the edge picking up odd fish to end the match with 88lb which was 2nd on the lake with peg 26 winning the lake with 102lb.

It fished ok considering there was 16 anglers on the lake! Belvedere fished well with the winning weights coming off there! 170lb won it, 150lb 2nd and 130lb 3rd is ended up 6th overall.

Sunday was the open across Weir, Belvedere and the Clay Pit, with 50 anglers booked on, it was going to be tight again.

I’ve drawn peg 9 on belvedere which I was pleased about and it has lilly pads in front of you which I though I would catch shallow against with it being bright sunshine. Peg 8 and 11 were also in and peg 18 and 19.

I started short and caught a carp straight away then nothing. I moved around the peg but only managed another two f1s. With almost 2 hours gone I had probably 20lb in the net and the anglers around all had about the same!

I then managed to catch some f1s against the pads before they wised up and pushed into the pads, clever fish… then had a few down both edges and the last 20 minutes short was good too!


Ended the match with 35 fish which weighed 122lb which won the lake and was 3rd overall in the match, so a nice little pick up! Onto the next one.

Tight Lines
Chris Jones