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Fluffed up! Open match at Brockamin Lower lake Sunday 1st of June

This is an unusual lake in that its inhabited by a large stamp of carp and very little in the way of silvers to go at, so it’s a carp or bust lake. The lake itself has 2 islands running down the middle of it which varies in distance from 16m to around 35/40m at its widest points. General approaches on here are method feeders and pellet wag with the odd fish falling to the pole.

I managed to draw a decent area in the form of peg 16 on the second island just on the point, however there was a major obstacle that affected all 20 anglers….a fibrous fluff from the willow trees had fallen onto the lake and was continuing to fall throughout the match. This made fishing almost impossible at times as you just could not fish a float through it, or indeed fish any running line tactics easily as it clogged up the rod rings in seconds and causes all manner of issues, from potential rod tip breaks, line snapping or being tangles and of course…lost fish. » » Read More…

A Red Letter day at Viaduct

Ever had one of those days when most things have gone matter what you do? Well I had one of those this last weekend at the popular Viaduct fishery during an MFS/open spread over Campbell and Cary lakes. The day started well when I drew the favoured area on Cary and one of the favoured pegs, 86 to be exact. I had the pleasure of Alex Murray to my right on 85 and another angler on peg 88 to my left. Looking at the peg I had lots of open water to target and I could see several battle cruises some 6 inches below the surface idling along in their own good time enjoying the sun. So a dobbing rig would definitely be the order of the day. This is set up on 4ft of 0.21mm Vertex line straight through to a size 4 tubertini 175 hook with a tiny FD200 float that requires just 2 x no8 shot to lock it in place but. No weak links on this rig as it was matched to a powerful 2.8mm hollo elastic. » » Read More…

Sunday 16th of February, Cobhouse Teams of 4 league

Sunday 16th of February,
Cobhouse Teams of 4 league – Laurel Pool Peg 11

So for those who have never seen the pool or peg let me just quickly describe what the peg looks like, the peg itself is a corner peg with limited open water options as there is an aerator in front secured either side of the lake with a rope that unfortunately is just 12m away…so no 16m sections required here! » » Read More…