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Undesirable peg of the day! – Sunday 10th August

Well its 6.30am, threats of torrential rain and high winds had been looming all week, well they didn’t disappoint as I opened my one good eye and peered out the window onto a sodden suburban street, but know no matter what, I was going I had a pairs match I wasn’t going to let the poor guy that was saddled with me down, I had prepared!, I loaded my nicely packed (dry) non smelly Frenzee luggage into the jalopy, my partner was just five minutes away so I thought I pop round and follow him, he had cadged a lift off another friend on the same match, I pulled up outside the house to find them loading the van, however one look at my partner and I knew, someone had been out partying bless them, now I’m sat there thinking why do I bother trying not let people down when they have no self control before a match that you are relying on each other! Then with that slight snobby thought I moved on and drank my bottle of energy drink that I cant mention the name of but it was Brazilian flavour, ( I should be so lucky ). » » Read More…

From Here to N-Tice Polony

Well its time to start thinking of the big weights down the side guys so I’m going to sum it up with a couple of recent match reports, Now I’m not going to try and convince you that I am some sort of bait expert because I’m not but bait combinations is something that is becoming increasingly important when targeting larger commercial carp, after all that’s why “they don’t get big by being stupid” is a good motto to go by, however I do know what I like and I only like it because it works and gives me confidence. » » Read More…

Woodland View – Stu Hipkins stands in for the spring league

Frenzee / Bait tech Stu Hipkins was standing in on the Woodlands View spring league today he fished bait tech 6mm expands with bait-tech CSL for 50lb and 2nd in match , a good start for the guy he was standing in for.