Carl Williams wins the Steven Knowles Memorial Match

This weekend I fished the Steven Knowles (aka nobby) memorial match. He was a local fishing show owner from Mansfield and was respected by many anglers, a friend gone far too soon. With 80 anglers booked on it showed how popular the chap was.

Portland Waters was the fishing complex and being my local venue having ran matches there in the past, I know the venue very well. I am still the current record holder for the biggest weight on Canal and Old Wood Lakes.

At the draw I was hoping for Four Islands as I thought this is where the winner could potentially come from as its one of the most consistent lakes and regularly gets big weights in excess of 200lb.

So when I drew Heron, which is only a small lake and not normally used in matches, I was a tad disappointed, but that soon changed when I seen there was only 5 anglers on the lake, so plenty of room.

Having not fished this lake before with it being a pleasure lake, I took advice off the owner and he informed me that it’s stuffed with small chub, great I thought… NOT lol.. but there was plenty of carp between 2-5lb so I was optimistic.

I started the match over to the island at 11mtrs on pellet with a Frenzee FO4 0.3g float to 0.20 loaded mono with a 0.16 hooklength to a size 16 1624 hook. Started off feeding micros with an expander on the hook, but was constantly pestered with small chub. Although I had plenty of bites, this would not be a match winning method.

I switched to a top kit in the margins and fed corn and micro pellets by hand and fished my Murukyu paste on the hook, this was made from 150 and method mix and I started to catch carp within minutes.

Fishing most of the match on the edge lines catching carp averaging 3lb. My rig for this was loaded mono in 0.24 with a FO7 0.2g paste float to a size 14 1420 hook, these are super sharp and very strong, perfect for putting a big dollop of paste on.

Come the weigh in I was surprised to put 181.08lb on the scales, thinking that Four Islands would have a bigger weight, but no, that lake did not fish to its normal form, and to my delight my weight was enough to win the match.

A superb day fishing wise, and to top this off lots of money was raised and I had the honour of my name on the Nobby Memorial Trophy.

Tight Lines