Carl Williams reports on the 2nd Round of the Decoy Winter League

It was the 2nd round of the Drennan Decoy Winter League and I was hoping for a decent draw. Into the bag of dreams and out comes Peg 17 on Elm, a half decent peg in a good area of the lake, but with peg 9 in my section, which is a really good peg I knew it was going to be a difficult one to win the section.

The angler on that peg happened to be local venue expert Chris Barley so it was going to be good if I could manage a 2nd in this section.

Conditions were not idea, with the wind smack in my face and it was not warm to say the least. This would make it a little difficult at time to hold the pole, but we cannot control the weather conditions.

I decided to fish two lines at 14m, one at 10 o’clock and another at 2 o’clock. On plumping the swim up I found there was around a 7-8 inch difference in depths between the two lines. One was going to be fed with 4mm Marukyu Amino Pellets and on the slightly deeper line maggots. Float choice was a .5g FO4 to a 0.11 hooklength and a .8g FO1 also with the same hooklength.

After a pretty slow start with only two fish on my pellet line, I could see that Chris was catching well fishing maggots, so I followed suit and this proved to be far better putting a few fish in the net. It was a case of catching 2 or 3 fish in spells when I put a bit of bait in, then having to sit and wait. If I fed nothing then bites would vanish, so it was a case of feeding little and often to try and entice a bite.

The most frustrating thing was being only 4m away from the end of Chris’s Pole, but it was as if there was a brick wall between us, this is pretty normal for the strips at this time of year with the fish shoaling up and not moving around very much.

I kept on plodding away, but suffered a few foul hookers which was frustrating.

At the all in the scales came around and just as I expected I finished 2nd in the section with 66.13. Chris however had gone on to blitz the match putting an amazing 186lb on the scales, well done mate.

An enjoyable day, but one where you knew that you was always fishing for 2nd.

Tight Lines