Carl Reports on the Guru festival at Viaduct

Finally a bit of nice weather, so it was off to the Guru Festival taking place at Viaduct fishery, a place I enjoy fishing as you are likely to catch some huge units.

Day 1 and it was on Cary Peg 100. This is a fairly average peg in a good section, so not the best draw on the first day as it proved.

I started the match on the bomb with an 8mm amino pellet, this results in four fish. I scratched around for most of the middle part bite less, praying that my edge line would at least produce some carp. Fishing my EFPG 130 paste I managed 4 late on short. Not a great start as I only managed a poor 5th in the section.

Day 2 and I managed to draw out Spring Lake Peg 4 a much better draw today. With the weather much better as the wind was more manageable. The fish were sat in the upper layers cruising around at the start, so it looked like a mugging day was on the cards.

I knew I would have to fish 16m though as they were not cruising about very close in. Unfortunately the pole was out of reach from them today so out came the waggler chucking towards any cruising fish.

I managed 7 carp for 89lb 15oz and this placed me second in the section and lake. Within those fish was one real unit, that weighed in at 22lb 8oz a proper munter.

The final day and it was a visit to Campbell Peg 118. Now this is a great lake with big weights common place. I started the match short on paste hoping for a few early fish. I managed a few on this line and also pinged pellets long on the hope of catching shallow.

A few fish on the shallow line and then it was back going short until the end of the match. The lake fished really well today and my 210lb got me a section win but only 3rd on the lake, but a great end to the festival.

Once the points were all tallied up my 8 points had managed to put me 6th overall, just missing out on that last spot for the money. Overall though, a great 3 days fishing and learnt loads as you do and picked up £250 along the way.

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