Speedy finishes off 2017 with a win

Sat 30th December 2017 seen me return to my favourite venue, the Severn in Shrewsbury with the draw God’s being kind and putting me on 75 which at the moment is one of the places to be on the match length.

The peg has a depth of 13 feet but the river was rising and an influx of cold snow water would slow sport a bit, set up for the day was going to be whip dominated as a bush to my left impeded any form of running line methods due to high water level.

Whip number one was set up with a 15 gram flat float, this is what I like to start on over the groundbait. Number two and number three whips had four gram float set-ups with differing body shapes to allow me to run through or hold back.

On the all in four balls of groundbait containing hemp and casters were fed at seven metres and a bait dropper of maggot on the same line, it’s took me twenty minutes to get my first roach and another five followed in the first hour on the flat float method but a swap to the running through rigs and regular top up of groundbait and loose feed saw my catch rate improve through the match duration ending up with 94 fish for 25-6-0 and a match win to end the year with.

Massive thank you to all the frenzee team for there continued support. See you in 2018…