Ringers Pairs – Boddington with Ian Burdett

After a social day on Boddington reservoir on the Wednesday before the weekends match, conditions had changed from high winds to no wind and a hard frost ahhhh. The fish seemed to want a good munch on the Wednesday but needed a waking up on the Sunday of the match.

Arriving at the car park after a healthy breakfast of coffee and more coffee, the atmosphere was as joyful as ever with Phil and Steve Ringer sorting the draw and sections.

After Saturdays match in the lower sections, that being the Dam wall and the section from 66 to 96 being very very hard, the lads who was drawing them sections were hoping for a better day, so my partner Rob Scotting was inline for a better draw in that section.

With me being in the high section being the famous sanctuary and the sailing boat side and with the lake still being low in water and a good colour my option for the draw was I wanted the sanctuary.

So at the draw I go out and pull peg 101 and with Phil Ringer and 5 other anglers in my section I know it would be a battle.

After the long walk to my peg I had Geoff Ringer to my right for good company on the day and lots of friendly banter was the order of the day, so at least if the fish were not feeding, I knew that my day would not be a boring one.

My set up was simple, bait wise Ringers method micros and Ringers wash out pink/yellow wafter for the hook. Rod choice was as always my 12 fxt power feeder rod loaded with the Accu cast method feeder inline 45g model. 0.18 loaded mono hooklength with a 1624 hair rig hook, nice and simple.

10am “Allllll in”…

I had clipped up at 50 meters on the method with the pink wash out wafter and setting my stop watch and standing back from my box pouring a coffee as it was a very cold day. My first indication come at 49 minutes and I pulled in to a mirror carp of around 7lb.

Now to cut a long story short, as you don’t want to hear about the very long wait for a few more bites 🙂 The rest of the match consisted with 3 more bites at 30/55/45 minutes. My partner rob was struggling for a bite in his section and to be fair our section was the same with bites coming after 30 minutes.

On the all out I’ve weighed in at 29lb for second in my section and my partner rob did not weigh.

After the long walk back to the car park every one struggled for bites which shows winter is well and truly here.

Well back for the next round in 2 weeks. Congratulations to the winners on the day.

Tight lines Ian