Richy takes one last trip for 2017

One last trip for 2017, so I decided to go to a venue which has been extremely kind to me this year. So back to Viaduct for an open on Campbell’s.

At the draw, all the anglers were hoping for pegs at the top end of the lake, as per previous season’s this is where the carp make home at this time of year. Talk was of 130 to 132 to win. Once again, the drawing gods have been kind as I’ve pulled out 111 which is at least the right end of the lake.

On arrived at the peg it was clear fish were in the area. There was one hell of a shoal in front of 131 with the odd fish drifting into 110 and 130. So, a decision was made to fish a simple match. Set up was an insert waggler to fish on or off deck. This was set to 12 inches of 0.14 loaded mono to a size 16 1420 hook. Hookbait for the day was 8mm meat, with maggot and corn as a change bait.

So, to the all in and the first hour has been frustrating as the first 3 casts resulted in foul hooked fish, all lost. I’ve tried coming off deck but couldn’t get any bites. Tried all baits but no response. I’ve hooked 2 more in the first hour and managed to land one. For the next 2 hours’ bites were scarce. As predicted 131 was having a good run and was admitting to 8 and 130 and 132 were on 3 each.

So, I’ve started playing with my bait. One thing which has worked well for me over the years is coloured meat so time to see what colour worked best. After about an hour of playing it was clear all bites were falling to yellow meat. Mad considering, I couldn’t get a bite on corn.

With an hour to go I’ve managed to land another 3 carp. The last hour though has been good to me. The carp have drifted my way and I’ve managed to land another 5 and these were the lakes bigger residents and all to yellow meat! Luckily no one around me, apart from 131 was catching, so a chance of a pick-up.

So, to the all out. I have finished with 9 carp for 77lb. Have made a school boy error but luckily, it’s not cost me today. Have gone 5lb over in one net so had it rounded back to 70lb. Luckily it not cost me as 46lb was 3rd. 5lb more in the net and i would have lost the entire net! Lucky!! Winner on the day was peg 131 with 122lb.

Well that’s it for me for 2017. Once again, it’s been a roller coaster of a year with all my highlights coming from Viaduct, starting with the winter league where Frenzee SW came 3rd out of 19 teams and an individual 5th for me. My main highlight for 2017 having to be winning the All Silvers Final at Viaduct.


I would like to thank Frenzee for their support this year and wish everyone a Happy New Year. Look forward to catching up with you all on the bank in 2018. Here’s hoping that a Frenzee sponsored anglers name will be on one of the big titles in 2018!