Fran reports from a double header at Partridge

This weekend I’ve had a double header at Partridge Lakes with the winter and individual leagues.

Saturday I drew peg 54 on covey 3 which I didn’t really fancy at all but still set up the usual lines. 3 lines across in 4ft of water fishing double maggot and double maggot on the hook. The plan was to alternate between these 3 lines until the last hour.

I also set up a track line once again feeding and fishing maggot. All in was shouted and I gave each line across 10-15 minutes before I switched to the next one but in the first two hours I didn’t have any indications at all.

Then the next 2 hours I have had 6 f1s,2 off each line and then going to the last hour I’ve gone down the track and just got pestered by little fish. Looking back I should have went back on the 4ft lines for the rest of the match. As we all know we are always learning and that’s what makes it exciting when we are fishing always trying to get better.

In the end I’ve weighed 9lb for 2nd to last on the lake I’ve had 3rd to last on the lake to my left and last on the lake to my right. Maybe if I had of gone across the best I could of done would of only been 3rd to last anyway must draw better.

Sunday I have fished the individual winter league and today I have drawn peg 24 on Piper which I would usually run to, but I didn’t fancy it with it being frozen solid.

Breaking the ice up up to 13m and fishing 3 lines, a dobbing rig for bread, 5m with maggot feeding maggot and 13m on maggot feeding maggot.

To cut this very short all I habe had is one bite from a roach all day which fell off and that was after 4 hours and 45minutes for the blank.

That’s that league over but still looking forward to the other rounds to try and catch some fish.