Darel Faletto reports from the Whitemoor Silver League

To finish off my year, I managed to get out on New Year’s Eve, this was the first match I managed over the Christmas period as I had a dreaded bug.

Whitemoor Lakes was the venue for the Silver Fish League. I knew today was going to be a little on the hard side with it being so cold and overcast. At the draw, I have pulled out peg 40, not the best peg, but I still had a chance.

Getting to my peg and my rigs today were an FO3 to 0.14 loaded mono to a 0.10 hooklength and 1420 size 18 hook for my soft pellet rig and the other the same but using an FO5 in 0.5g for the deeper water. Elastics on both rigs was Frenzee solid latex number 5, nice and soft and perfect for the job.

I put two lines in at 5 metres in 3ft and two at 12 metres in 4 1/2 foot. At the start, I cupped in a small ball of micros and groundbait on the 5m lines and my long lines with groundbait and pinkies.

Onto the short line and after 5 minutes a skimmer around 2lb then nothing, so time to rotate with the other short line and managing another 3 fish.

As bites were at a minimum on the short lines, it was time to look at 12m. First fish a carp of 6lb doh… followed by another, not exactly what you want in a silver match. Bites were again at a minimum on the long line, so I switched back to the short line and it seemed the fish had settled now. Catching in spells, I managed to put 11lb 8oz on the scales which gave me a 2nd in my section, so not all that bad considering the conditions.

Wish me luck on the next round, flier please…

Tight Lines