The Cunneries Teams of Four Winter league – Round 4

After a late start, I finally arrived at the fishery with 35 minutes before the all in, only to find the lake with a layer of ice on it and no Ice Breaker.

I was quickly informed by my team captain that he had drawn me Peg 10 Old canal which I was happy with as it is a peg I know well. I borrowed an ice breaker and quickly broke the ice to the Island point, a line along the reeds and the track.

My plan was to fish maggots in 4ft to the island point and down the track plus dob bread along the reed line. I also set a throwaway line at 14.5 meters which was a groundbait and pinkie line for silver fish if required.

Rigs would consist of:

  • FM1’s 0.1g & 0.2g pole floats, 0.14 – 0.10 mono, 0814 20’s hooks, dark green hollow stretch elastic for maggots/bread line.
  • FP300’s pole floats, 0.14 – 0.10 mono, 0814 20’s hooks, dark green hollow elastic for silver fish line.

I kicked off by feeding a hard ball of groundbait/pinkies on my 14.5 line and tapped in maggots on my 4ft line. I then dobbed bread for 35 minutes along the reed line but didn’t get a single indication. I then shipped my rig out to my 4ft Island swim and tapped in, the rig had only just settled when I hooked into a lump which went straight under the ice. I managed to get it heading towards the net only for it to spit the hook at the net, a 5lber lost & a few choice words rattling around in my head.

Back in to hook into an F1 which entered the net with 50 minutes gone, whilst it was a freezing cold day the bites were proving slow but by keeping a trickle of bait going in I managed to snare the odd F1 throughout the match.

The other swims didn’t produce a single bite and as the ice melted I had to follow it and fish as tightly to it as possible to ensure bites kept coming.

With other anglers not really catching much I was happy to keep plugging away and at All Out I had 14 F1’s in the net. I was last to weigh and the scales went 29lb 4oz which was 3rd in the match, 2nd in section & won my money section. If only I didn’t start 20 minutes late…

On the team front we had an average day leaving the team in 3rd position overall with 6 rounds to go so all to play for.

See you all soon & enjoy your Xmas.

Faddy. X