2nd Round of Teams of Four Winter League – The Cunneries Fishery

It was back to Cunneries for the 2nd round of the teams of 4 winter league, our team Captain pulled out Peg 18 S canal for me (middle of the straight) so off I went.

With the temperature dropping, rainfall quite heavy over the last few days I expected a hard match and so it proved. Five rigs was all I set up in depths of 3ft – 5ft (FM1s, 0.12 -0.10, 20s 0814 hooks) maggots would be main attack with a pellet line in 3ft (FM5 0.4g, 0.12 – 0.10, 18s 0814 hook) plus a Dobbin Rig (Same as maggot rig but different shotting pattern).

The first 45 minutes seen me drawing a blank, my first F1 coming on 50 minutes in 3ft, this was a false dawn and no other bites for the next 40 minutes.

Having tried dropping into deeper water this resulted in more head scratching, 1 fish in nearly 2 hours something had to change. I then decided to big pot my 3ft lines and gave it 15 minutes whilst I tried to make pellet work again, which as expected produced nothing!

I started feeding maggots down the track (halfway down my No.5 section) for later in the match and went back across. Bingo finally the F1s had rocked up, by rotated both lines to keep them coming for the next 2 hours but then I had a disaster, my No.5 section folded just above the joint to the No.6…ahhhh

By the time I had telescoped & taped the 5/6th sections together the F1s had gone! to say I was gutted was an understatement.

With 50 minutes to go it was a case of ‘Just the track line’ but fishing with nearly 2mtrs of pole behind me upset the balance of the pole which resulted in lots of missed bites.

At All Out I weighed 37lb 8oz which won my money section & placed me 4th in my section which I had to be happy with all things considered. Team wise we are still in 3rd so we go again in 2 weeks.

See you all soon & Tight Lines..